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Flathead Tribal Grand Entry at the annual powwow in Arlee, Montana.

American Indian identity is not monolithic. The peoples of every region have distinct and unique characteristics.

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New England
'For the Fun of It': The 1986 World Eskimo Indian Olympics
The Flathead Indians
Tecumseh: Nature's Patriot
A Modern-Day Sequoya: Perfecting a Cherokee Language Syllabary
Living to Tell the Tale
The Real Black Elk
An American Indian's Quest for Justice
Medicine as Resistance
Wind River Women: New roles emerge Among Wyoming's Tribal Peoples
Images of the Buffalo Culture
The Omaha Tribal Powwow
Suing the Conqueror
Peace From Blood: Minnesota's Pipestone Quarries
Mystical Circles of Power: The Plains Indian Shields
Setting the Story Straight
Catlin and the Indians
What Is ‘Indian Country’?
Native Americans Take Lead in Tar Sands Resistance
Mary Colter: Designs on the Canyon
Sapatq'ayn: Art of the Nez Perce Nation
Color in the River: The California Gold Rush
A Short Pine Fills a Tall Order
'For the Fun of It': The 1986 World Eskimo Indian Olympics
The Flathead Indians
Bound to the Mountain: Elders of the Sandia People Break Centuries of Silence to Defend Their Sacred Mountain
Hopi Art: Constancy and Change on Arizona's Mesas
Yenaldlooshi: The Shape-Shifter Beliefs of the Navajos
The Puzzle of Chimayo
They Dance for Rain: The Hopis
Keeping Balance: Arizona's Navajo Nation
'The Rain Gods Aren't Listening': Modern Conflicts Threaten Hopi Culture
Ma'ii Joldlooshi la' Eeya': The Several Lives of a Navajo Coyote
The Mysterious Matachine
Making Connections: Navajo Kids From Utah Befriend Khanty Kids in Siberia
Spider Woman's Legacy: The Art of Navajo Weaving
Impersonators of Spirits: The Hopi Kachina Season
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