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Battles and Political Events

Events of 1861

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The Class of 1861: Baptism of Fire Came Early  
Baileys Crossroads' Face-Off: An Early Proof of Officers' Mettle  
Ball's Bluff Battle: Politcal Repercussions For Years To Come  
Ball's Bluff: General Stone Blamed for Fiasco  
Baltimore Museum Built Near Attack Site  
Bull Run: Lament of leader belies bullishness of a few good men  
Bull Run: New system proved its worth  
Bull Run: When green armies collided, red blood flowed  
Civil War's Inevitability  
Dranesville Clash: Proves Small, But Deadly  
Leesburg Pikes Historic Role  
Lincoln's Unprecedented Exercise of Power  
Missouri's Tide Turned By Portable Hemp Bales  
Montgomery, Alabama: Remembering Confederacy's Original Seat  
North and South: 'The First To Fall'  
Peyton Anderson: Cofederate Soldier Got Bullet, Not Breakfast  
Peyton Anderson: Sentry Becomes First Rebel Wounded  
Rebels Resemble Keystone Kops in Early Skirmish  
Slavery, Not States' Rights, Inspired Secession  
Sumter: After fall, 7th Regiment defends capital  
Sumter: Jefferson Davis and his decision  
Sumter: Richmond Streets' Echo With Gunfire  
Sumter: The Union's Response  
Thomas Holliday Hicks Addresses Peril Facing Maryland  
Trent Affair: Almost Starts War With England  
Virginia Innkeeper and Yank Officer Killed Over Flag Dispute  
Virginia Theological Seminary: Saved Through One-man's Efforts  
Zoaves: A Tough, Colorful Solider Helped Occupy Alexandria  
    The Slavery Period

The American Revolution, Constitution and Founding
Fathers (1770-1820)

Jacksonian Democracy, Abolitionism and the Failure
of Unity (1820-1860)
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1862       1864
    Abraham Lincoln
Other Unionists
Jefferson Davis
Other Confederates
    Ulysses S. Grant
Other Union Leaders

Robert E. Lee
Other Confederate Leaders
  Union Soldiers and Sailors
Confederate Soldiers and Sailors
Northern Civilians
Southern Civilians
  Slavery During the War
The Growth of Freedmen
The Emancipation Proclamation
United States Colored Troops
  The North
The South
From Slavery to Freedom
– and Back Again
  Washington, DC, Area During the War
Richmond During the War
The Medical Field During the War
Modern Events About the Civil War
Movies About the Civil War
Newspapers, Magazines, Books on the Civil War
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