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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"

Studies on the Decline of the Soviet Empire

"We have a problem," runs a Soviet joke. "Communism is advancing all over the world. But how will we manage to wipe out the capitalist world without destroying the Soviet Union's source of credit, grain and technology?" The jest contains a bitter irony for the Soviet Union. More than facing enormous difficulties, there is a growing feeling in both the East and West that the Soviet Union is at a turning point.

"We have a problem," runs a Soviet joke. "Communism is advancing all over the world. But how will we manage to wipe out the capitalist ...

Coming Crisis in the Soviet Union
The chance of system breakdown in the Soviet Union within the next five to ten years are probably better than even. By system breakdown, I ...

How the Soviet System May End
I. Introductory Remarks On Revolution And Political Change When Lenin formulated his "fundamental law of revolution"--the law ...

The Situation in Afghanistan: How Much of a Threat to the Soviet State?
Background Soviet efforts to transform Afghanistan into a docile satellite have gone through several broadly definable stages. As ...

Foreign Policy, "The American Way," and the Passing of the Postwar Consensus
The tension between social pluralism and national unity became, in this century, an acute problem of American national security policy. ...

Barriers to a Western Ideology
It may at first be wondered whether the West really needs an "ideology" at all. Nineteenth-century conservatives of the Burkean ...

Journalism USA: The New Priesthood
One of the most extraordinary changes that has come over the United States in the last quarter century is the spectacular rise in prestige ...

The Media, the Adversary Culture, and U.S. Foreign Policy
In February 1983, the United States government sent four AWACS radar planes and an aircraft carrier task force to the Middle East. Their ...

Reflexivity as Evolution in Thoreau's Walden
I would fain say something, not so much concerning the Chinese or Sandwich Islanders, as you who read these pages, who are said to live in ...

What Do Religion, Politics, and Science Each Contribute to the Creation of a Good Society?
This article deals with the question of what religion, politics, and science contribute to the creation, maintenance and improvement of ...

Ontological and Theological Bases of Pluralism
Plurality is a contemporary fact with which discussions of unity or commonality need to begin. This is not to say that heterogeneous ...

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