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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

The Shaping of America: 200 Years of the Constitution

Constitutional Development: To Secure the Blessings of Liberty
The infant American nation weathered tremendous obstacles in order to form a constitutional union....

The Organic and Moral Elements in the American Constitution
The Constitution is a product of colonial experience under British common law and other historic traditions....

Republicanism and the Founding of America
Republican government may be seen as a middle path between monarchy and democracy....

Unity in Diversity
The Constitution presupposes a civil order based on moral consensus....

Judicial Review and the Supreme Court
Judicial review is an essential function extended to the Supreme Court under our system of government....

Founders and the 'Superintending Principle'
The founders' notion of rights is tied to the philosophy of monotheism....

The Moral Crisis: Lessons From the Founding
Is moral relativism compatible with American constitutional democracy?...

Constitution's Failed Amendments
A look at the various crusades to introduce amendments that failed....

Our Most Important Export
The U.S. Constitution is a model for the governments of other nations....

Thoughts on the Constitution: A Symposium
On the occasion of our Constitution's bicentennial, THE WORLD & I asked a number of scholars, authors, and public figures to address ...

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