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Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Foreign Policy "

Separation of Powers and National Security

Two hundred years ago, fifty-five men chosen as delegates from their respective states gathered in the Philadelphia state house: They ...

Separation of Powers in a Dangerous World: Constitution, Foreign Policy and Deterrence
The Vietnam War began an intense contemporary debate concerning the appropriate roles of Congress and the president in the conduct of ...

In Times of Crisis, How Much Power Does the President Have?
Lt. Col. Oliver North may or may not have broken the law, but that he was a hero Patrick J. Buchanan had no doubt. Unlike the other ...

Separation of Powers: To Chain the Dog of War
The framers of our Constitution separated the power to decide for war from the power to conduct it. The power to initiate war, except for ...

Separation of Powers and the Control of Foreign Policy
The genius of the American Constitution lies in the separation of powers. The reasons for this limitation upon government, so eloquently ...

Presidency's Supremacy in Defending National Security
The emergence of the United States as a global power in the aftermath of World War II precipitated numerous clashes between the ...

Why National Security Is Not Incompatible With the First Amendment: Maintaining a Constitutional Perspective
We are all familiar with the watchwords: Bay of Pigs, Pentagon Papers, Watergate, and, most recent of all, the Iran-Contra Affair. Those ...

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