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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Nicaragua: The Next American Revolution?

Ragtag revolutionaries fight for the freedom turned the tide of history 200 years ago. But can the COntras do it today?
Lee Shapiro/The World & I 
Can the Miskitos hope for a safe return to their ancestral lands?

After many bitter battles in the U.S. Congress, a bill to supply the rebel forces in Nicaragua with $100 million in aid was finally ...

The Sandinista Record
Have the Sandinistas been goaded into their military and social agendas, or have they followed their original plan? ...

Views From Inside Nicaragua
La Prensa: Censorship, Followed by Oblivion "Without a free press, there is no freedom." This motto of La Prensa newspaper has ...

Can the Contras Win?
How do the freedom fighters compare with the government forces in terms of numbers, equipment, training, and popular support? ...

Murder of a Gentle People
The Miskito Indians must resort to guerrilla warfare in order to protect their traditional life-style and beliefs. ...

Nicaragua: The Selling of the Sandinistas
A network of well-organized group works in the United States of spread the Sandinista gospel. ...

Does Media Shape Public Opinion?
What effect does "bang-bang" news coverage have on popular political views? ...

Contadora: A Cat With Nine Lives
A plan for peace in the area has had many revivals - but no converts. No success is likely unless the central actors make significant concessions. ...

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