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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

A World In Debt

For most developing countries, foreign loans and the resulting repayment schedules are na economic fact of life. With each new fluctuation in global economic situations, such as the recent decline in oil prices, many of these nations find themselves facing an increasingly heavy burden of debt that they are ill-equipped to handle. THE WORLD & I looks at the special situations of Mexico, Jamaica, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, and Nigeria, and the origins of the problems as well as some of the proposed solutions.
Alex Hunter/The Washington Times 

Origins of the Debt Crisis
The overhang of debt that threatens to suffocate much of the developing world is traceable to the two oil shocks that jolted the world ...

Yugoslavia: Credit Where Credit Is Due
While Poland has consistently had problems in complying with its debt adjustment programs and Romania has taken draconian austerity ...

Nigeria: Caught in the OPEC Crunch
Nigeria owes the world a lot of money - nearly $13 billion in direct government and guaranteed debt (mostly to the international banks and ...

Indonesia: Oil Rich, Profit Poor
Indonesia trails only Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and South Korea among the top Third World debtors. Bankers with significant loans ...

Sailing Into the Wind: Jamaica Steers a Course
The current international debt crisis has produced many responses among Third World nations. Jamaica is in many ways typical of the ...

Is a Mexican Standoff Inevitable?
Four years into the debt crisis, a solution to Mexico's financial woes appears as distant as when the crisis first emerged. During ...

Solutions Abound: But Will They Work?
A by-product of the Great Debt Crisis of the 1980s has been the proliferation of the proposals to resolve it. Without entering into ...

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