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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Ideas of Democracy

The overarching theme of the Modern Thought section this month is the basic principles of the American government viewed in historical ...

Constitution of the United States Was Not Written by Locke
If ever we really celebrate the bicentenary of the Constitution of the United States, little having been accomplished toward that end so ...

Separation of Powers Revisited
Reform of our constitutional system has long been one of the favorite and principal preoccupations of American political scientists. ...

John Adams' Influential Constitutional Writings
Most historians of the early national period agree that John Adams was "the most painstaking student of government, and the most widely ...

Alex de Tocqueville Ideal Types
Democracy in America was conceived and published at a time when reifications, typologies, entelechies, ideal types, abstractions, and ...

Civility and Defense
History is the realm of what must have been. Events acquire a patina of interpretation; interpretation comes to be accorded the status of ...

Who Owns America?: Decentralization and Technology in the 1930s
Reconciling industrialization with Jeffersonian democracy has been a major concern of America's leading thinkers and imaginative writers. ...

Can Democracy Survive an Omnilateral Conflict of Rights?
The euphoria generated by two world wars fought "to make the world safe for democracy" created powerful taboos against questioning the ...

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