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Click on a title below to access either an individual article (denoted by an asterisk) or a set of articles published as a Special Report. The issue of publication appears in parentheses.

Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Foreign Policy "

Vietnam Reconsidered: Lessons From a War

In recent times, no single event has torn at America's self-concept more than the Vietnam War. America was traumatized by the war; it ...

Friction: War's Forgotten Dimension
Everything in war is very simple," wrote Karl von Clausewitz over a century and a half ago in On War, his masterwork on military theory, ...

Why Our Vietnam Strategy Failed
The roots of our failure to think through our strategic problems in Vietnam are numerous, deep, and complex. In the beginning, lacking a ...

Television Reporting of the Vietnam War; or Did Walter Cronkite Really Lose the War?
We are only now, as more memoirs of wartime leaders and grunts alike appear, finally able to begin to understand the Vietnam War. ...

Lessons From the Anti-Vietnam War Movement
When I see today's campus protestors, flushed with idealism and carrying signs that say "No more Vietnams," a feeling of ineffable sadness ...

Vietnam War and Mao's Struggle for Power
The Vietnam War was a critical factor in Chinese domestic politics. Where a Chinese politician stood on the issue of support for North ...

Since the Fall of Saigon
From the moment the United States signed the Paris Peace Agreement on January 27, 1973, South Vietnam's fate was sealed. Although the ...

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