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Special Reports for " Sociology"

The Politics of AIDS

The rapid spread of AIDS is alarming a wide spectrum of the pouplation around the world. Prominent scientists in the field and U.S. policymakers give their views on how AIDS may affect the U.S. presidential election, who should be tested, and how AIDS is affecting Third World nations, and what the future holds in terms of scientific breakthroughs and social policy.
John Rainer/The World & I 
The authors argue that testing for AIDS should be used selectively on high-risk poluations, such as intravenous drug users.

It is true that AIDS primarily strikes homosexuals and intravenous drug abusers, yet the rapid spread of this fatal disease is alarming ...

AIDS and the Presidential Campaign
AIDS is swiftly becoming one of the most emotionally charged issues of 1988....

The Case for Routine Testing
It is imperative that the United States move forward with the routine health measures that have enabled it to contain epidemics in the past....

Why Mandatory Testing Is a Bad Idea
A selective, voluntary program of expanded testing is the more sensible way to go....

The Global Impact of AIDS
Developing nations will find it especially difficult to cope with the economic and social effects of the epidemic....

What Lies Ahead?
Significant scientific advances have been made, and the future looks hopeful for both treatment and preventives....

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