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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Castro's Cuba: 30 Years Later

Has the Cuban revolution brought Cuba peace, presperity, and international stature, or an economy in crisis, regimentation, and dependency on the Soviet bloc? Leading Cuban and American experts examining Cuba after 30 years of socialist revolution give a stark assessment.

What has the Cuban Revolution brought Cuba—peace prosperity, and a respected place in international society? Or economic problems, ...

A Bulwark of Socialism
Castro has returned to the failed paths of the past, insisting that Cubans should work harder, sacrifice more, and expect less in the years ahead....

Exporter of Revolution
The violence fomented by Cuba has over the years caused the deaths of tens of thousands in Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East...

Fidel Castro: A Socialist Caudillo
In a changing socialist world, Castro is an anachronism, but one who should not be understimated....

The U.S. and Cuba: Friends and Adversaries
Any reexamination of U.S.-Cuban relations must begin with a review of its history....

The Key to Normalization
The obstacle to a new relationship is Castro, who will never abandon his anti-Americanism....

Give Diplomacy a Chance
It is time to begin the process of reaching an accommodation with Cuba....

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