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Special Reports for " History"

Campaign '88 Bush vs. Dukakis: Who Will Win?

THE WORLD & I concludes its yearlong special feature on the 1988 presidential campaign by offering an analysis of the final weeks of candidate stumping, the ideologies of each party, how the 101st Congress will affect the new adminsitration, which way key voting blocs are likely to go, and the candidates' strengths an weaknesses. An extra special feature: Soviet and other international perspectives on the election.

Every presidential election is a referendum on the mood of America, and the 1988 contest between Republican George Bush and Democrat ...

The Home Stretch
While the American public was celebrating summer's end with shopping, picnics, or a last trek to the shore, the two presidential tickets ...

The Evolving Ideologies of the Parties
Consider the following election year quiz of just two questions: (1) Which political party's program has included balancing the federal ...

The Untouchable Congress
As the Reagan era draws to a close and the outcome of the presidential election reverts to a worthwhile subject of speculation, political ...

Key Blocs and Key States
Half a dozen voting groups will play a pivotal role in this year's presidential election, and George Bush and Michael Dukakis know it. ...

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