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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

South America's Fragile Democracies

Democracy is doing surprisingly well in South America, but serious problems continue to confront governments from Argentina to Venezuela. This Special Report examines the prospects for political and eocnomic freedom in an area critical to the future of the United States and the free world.

Democracy, that most fragile of political systems, is still alive and surprisingly well in South America. Of the 12 independent nations in ...

Democracy's Uncertain Future
Although South America's economic, social, and political problems continue to mount, popular government remains the preferred way to deal with them. ...

The Changing Role of the Military
The social, economic, and political problems of South America will provide the military with both challenges and opportunities. How they meet these challenges will have a profound influence on the region's future. ...

The Reaction Against Liberation Theology
The Catholic Church's increasing support for democracy may help South America develop the political and economic institutions it so desperately needs. ...

Argentina: An Orderly Transition
The basis for political stability appears to be growing stronger with each new test democracy passes. ...

Venezuela: Coping With Controls
The new president that Venezuela will elect this year will face unprecedented problems. ...

Chile: A Crucial Year
The outcome of the plebiscite is likely to be a narrow margin of victory for either side. What is needed is a strong will to arrive at a negotiated agreement between the regime and the opposition. ...

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