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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

What Is Gorbachev Really Up To?

Four years after assuming power, what are Mikhail Gorbachev's ultimate goals? Can he accomplish them? Can he control the party, the military, and the bureacracy? What should the West's response be? THE WORLD & I offers the opinions of leading Western experts.

Four years after he came to power, political leaders and analysts are still taking the measure of Mikhail Gorbachev and asking themselves: ...

The 'Savior' of the Soviet Union
Gorbachev will be most dangerous if Western policymakers treat him as a man basically different from his predecessors....

Mikhail Gorbachev: Man and Myth
Gorbachev has followed a familiar path to power; only the speed of his ascent is striking....

Life Under Perestroika
For the average person, very little has changed for the better, either economically or politically....

Soviet Jews: Barometer of Gorbachev's Strength
If we witness any serious backtracking on promises of Jewish cultural autonomy and emigration, it may well mean that Gorbachev and his program are in trouble....

A Strategy of Deception
The dominant aim of Soviet foreign policy is still the establisment of Soviet hegemony over all of Europe--without firing a single shot....

The Growing Nationality Crisis
Gorbachev himself might initiate a crackdown against nationalist aspirations in the republics....

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