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Special Reports for " International Studies"

NATO at 40: Still Needed?

As NATO begins its fifith decade--in a new era of superpower cooperation--THE WORLD & I looks at whether it is still relevant and how it needs to adapt to changing circumstances.

As NATO begins its fifth decade, an increasing number of observers are asking if, in a new era of superpower cooperation, it is still ...

The Challenge of a New Era
NATO has a lot of work to do to adjust its strategy to the twenty-first century....

An Uneasy Alliance
For Europe to survive, the alliance will have to evolve into an organization in which the interests of its members will be more narrowly defined. ...

The Changing Threat
The uncertainties are greater, but for continued peace in the North Atlantic region, it is prudent to strengthen NATO politically and maintain adequate military capabilities. ...

Defending Europe in the 1990s
Success in dealing with the USSR depends on a unified response. Abandoning NATO would leave each country in the alliance to face key military and political questions on its own. ...

Facing a Mid-Life Crisis
While there is no need to abolish NATO, there is a need to assure its continued flexibility. ...

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