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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Winds of Change Hit Indochina

Communist superpower reforms, changing foreign policies, and the impending Vietnamese withdrawal from Cambodia suggest long-overdue changes are occurring in Indochina. Many problems, however, including Vietnam's hesitant steps toward a free-market economy, threaten to block true reform.
Vichai Pechardokhao/The World & I 
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen awaits early and complete withdrawal of Vietnamese troops from his country.

"And here is the latest Southeast Asia 'weather' report: Subtle diplomatic breezes are giving way to increasing political gusts, to be ...

Everyone's Playing the Cambodian Card
Despite the genuine desire of all involved parties to settle the Cambodian conflict, several obstacles remain....

Vietnam: On the Threshold of Change?
An American professor returns to Indochina and discovers a Vietnam that has taken a step away from an orientation to Eastern Europe and two steps toward integration in the free market economies of Southeast Asia....

Will There Be an Afghanistan Syndrome?
The superpowers discover there are finite limits to which military strength can be converted into political gain....

Asylum and Assimilation in America
Although the communist takeovers in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos prompted the mass exodus of over two million refugees to new lands and new homes, many remain in camps, and some still want to go home....

Vietnamese Reforms: A Chinese Perspective
Radical changes are needed in Vietnam's foreign and domestic policies before true reform can succeed....

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