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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

China: 40 Years of Revolution

The found of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and the subsequent decades of chaos and crisis suggest that the world's oldest civilization continues to struggle with the issues of modernization and democratization. THE WORLD & I offers comprehensive analyses by leading international schoalrs on the fortieth anniversary of China's communist revolution.
T.S. Lam/The World & I 
Thriving in the Cultural Revolution. Mao's Red Guard.

More than almost any other major nation, China seems fated to repeat its past. The chaotic and often bloody history of the People's ...

The Power Game in Beijing
Forty years ago, when the establishment of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was proclaimed in Beijing on October 1, 1949, China was a ...

Dying for Democracy
Although the student movement was literally crushed in Tiananmen Square, it will inevitably rise again....

Students Speak Out, Part Two
Despite formidable obstacles, some students continue their battle outside China....

The Crisis of Marxism in China
Marxism may be a long time recovering from the excesses of Maoism....

Economic Reforms and Contradictions
The outlook is for another cycle of centralization and a retreat from the reforms....

Modernization and Democracy
June 4, the day the People's army first turned their firepower against students and by standers in the streets of Beijing, will live on as ...

Lowering Expectations of China as a World Power
Recent developments in China suggest that Beijing's highest priorities in the near future will lie more than ever in the domestic arena. ...

What Future After Tiananmen Square?
The spring 1989 events in Tiananmen Square fundamentally altered the course of twentieth-century Chinese history. What seemed a reasonably ...

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