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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"

Communism and Capitalism: How Can They Meet?

Leaders of the Soviet Union and other communist countries now realize that modernizing their command economies will be a long and painful process, dependent in large measure on Western assistance. THE WORLD & I explores how communism and capitalism might work together to produce such an economic transformation.
T.S. Lam/The World & I 
New hotels spring up in Beijing. A current debate ragining in China centers on public versus private property.

Incredible as it may seem today, with the world dominated bt Western-style economics, a great debate was conducted in the immediate ...

The Failure of Socialist Economics
The only "solution" to the boondoggle of the socialist system is to totally abandon it and too adapt to a market system....

The Soviet Economy: Is Perestroika Possible?
Moscow now realizes that a transformation of the Soviet economy will be a long and painful process....

Eastern Europe at the Midnight Hour
While the West must continue to encourage the East's restructuring, Eastern Europe must respond with substantial reforms....

Traveling Through China's Turbulent Spring
Most Chinese remain committed to change, but one step at a time....

A Model of Reform for Communism?
Hungary must establish a multiparty political system and abandon the economic legacies of the last forty years....

Transforming the Command Economies
The East bloc must create a social and political framework that allows the market to flourish....

Western Assistance and Eastern Reform
Linking Western economic assistance to Eastern European reform will economically and politically benefit both East and West....

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