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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Southern Africa: Peace At Last?

Historic changes are taking place in southern Africa, with Cuban troops withdrawing from Angola, elections taking place in Namibia, negotiations being held between the Marxist governments in Angola and Mazambique and their respective guerrilla movements, and a new government in Pretoria demonstrating unprecedented felixibility on racial issues. Where will these events lead? What are the prospects for peace in that embattled region?
Doug Wetzstein/The World & I 
The shipyard at Cape Town. Trade with other southern African countries provides mutual benefits.

Historic changes are taking place in Southern Africa. Cuban troops have withdrawn from Angola; elections in Namibia just took place after ...

South Africa in a Time of Transition
De Klerk says that he wants to advance the cause of power sharing, but whether he and his government have a clear plan for change is uncertain....

A Farewell to Arms?
The prospects for peace in Namibia are uncertain, but they are better than in Angola, where peace remains elusive....

An Emerging New Soviet Policy
Gorbachev's policy toward southern Africa acknowledges that continued instability in that region will have consequences for international interaction in general....

The Future of Southern Africa
The 1990s can be prosperous and peaceful for all peoples in southern Africa if pragmatism and free enterprise win out and apartheid is ended....

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