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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Building a Democratic Eastern Europe

THE WORLD & I invited international experts to examine the hard tasks facing Eastern Europe on its road to real democracy.
Doug Wetzstein/The World & I 
The bountiful: Produce is scarce in state stores but abundant in Poland's black market.

Despite the many revolutionary changes that have taken place in their countries, the peoples of Eastern Europe know that democracy cannot ...

Rebirth of Politics After the Revolution
The political changes are far from complete but the direction is clear....

Gorbachev and Eastern Europe
In the spirit of new thinking Gorbachev has turned the Soviet Union inward....

Who's Helping?
Despite the extraordinary amount of public and private assistance from the industrialized world, much remains to be done. ...

A Peek Into Eastern European Minds
Although the physical aspects of the iron curtain have come down, mental barriers remain up in Eastern Europe....

One Europe?
While the new Europe is culturally and politically pulling together, without assistance the two halves may economically slide apart ...

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