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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"

The Nonreforming Communist Nations

While communism crumbles in most of Eastern Europe and even in parts of the Soviet Union, several communist countries fight the global tide of political and economic freedom. What leads them to reject glasnost and perestroika? Can they cointinue to resist the winds of liberalization? In this Special Report, several experts examine these questions.
T.S. Lam/The World & I 
Customers at a department store in Pyongyang. To save electricity, few lights are on. Kim Il Sung justifies austerity as the price of national self-respect.

While communism crumbles and democracy takes its place in most of Eastern Europe and even inside parts of the Soviet Union, several ...

Reforming the Nonreforming Regimes
The ultimate impetus for political transformation will arise from within oppressed scoieties....

China's Uncertain Future
China is ruled by an obligarchy of isolated old men who have lost the people's support....

Cuba: The Twelfth Hour
The United States must continue to apply pressure that will lead in the end to free and democratic elections....

Winds of Change in North Korea
Pressures are building up for domestoc reform and an end to the North's costly confrontation with South Korea and the United States....

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