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Special Reports for " Sociology"

Sustaining Community


Our current quest for community has numerous dimensions. Metaphysically it signals the end of our modern fascination with autonomous ...

The Rise of Suburbs and Community Life in America
Whether in cities or, more commonly, in the forts, manors and villages of rural life, humans have lived in relatively close quarters ...

Twentieth-Century America: The Quest for Community
“The quest for community will not be denied, for it springs from some of the powerful needs of human nature - needs for a clear sense of ...

Building a Balanced Community: Jubilee Housing
Seldom in recent history have events so changed communities in the United States as the riots of the late 1960s. The Adams Morgan ...

The Church: Can It Sustain Community
Miriam Waters says the church is her life. It instructs her, nurtures her, helps her to be more caring. She feels comfortable there. ...

Postmodernist Age: Sustaining Community
It seems natural enough to discuss community in the context of that vast, ambiguous social movement called postmodernism. After all, ...

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