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Special Reports for " History"

The Coming Decline of Japan?

Japan is an economic superpower that is reluctantly rising to a postion of global leadership. But there are some clouds on the horizon. THE WORLD & I asked international experts to examine Japan in light of historian Paul Kennedy's theory of rise and fall and to predict whether Japan will avoid the economic, political, and social pitfalls that have tripped up other nations.

When someone mentions Japan, words like Honda, Toyota, Sony, Shogun, and sushi usually come to mind - or perhaps Rockefeller Center and ...

Don't Write Off Japan
Could Paul Kennedy be right about America but wrong about Japan? ...

Weakened at the End of 1990?
Japan's farsighted policy of the 1980s, following their harsh experience in the 1970s, suggests "dramatic" recovery from any crisis of the 1990s. ...

How Far From a Superpower?
Increasing defense without encouraging militarism is more than a question of guns of butter. ...

Behind the Screens
Three prominent Japanese candidly discuss the future of their country and its changing relations with the United States. ...

Japan: Hesitant World Leader?
Japan should play a larger international role in the areas of drugs, terrorism, and the environment. ...

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