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Special Reports for " Sociology"

The Family: A Search for Norms

Illustration by Yvette Watson/World & I 

From at least as early as Plato's Republic (fourth century B.C.), controversy and disagreement have existed in Western thought about the ...

A Moral Cold War: The Family in Conflict
American society is currently experiencing a moral “Cold War.” Like the other Cold War, this one is unofficial, undeclared (except by ...

Market's Invasion of the Family
Before the Industrial Revolution, no one would have thought to describe the family as a privileged refuge from the marketplace, an island ...

The Family in Contemporary Literature
Franz Kafka once said that the bravest thing a man can do is to marry and have children, and, judging from the picture modern literature ...

Sex, Marriage, and the 21st Century Family
Twenty-five years ago, when Bantam Books published my novel The Harrad Experiment, they subtitled it "The Sex Manifesto of the Free Love ...

Confucian Family Values: Lessons for the West
Barbara Bush in her Wellesley College speech in June 1990 said to the graduating class: You have three very special choices.... The ...

Individual Character and the 'Utility' of the Family
In her song "The Emperor's New Clothes," shaven-headed pop singer Sinead O'Connor proudly asserts "I will live by my own policies/I will ...

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