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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Middle Eastern"

The Middle East: Myths and Realities

With the Persian Gulf crisis, old views about the Arab world are being abandoned as new realities come to the fore. In the meantime, the Middle East remains in a state of turmoil and violence as the world hopes for a peaceful solution.

Old Myths and New Realities
With the Gulf crisis, some long-held illusions about the Middle East have now been shattered. ...

The Political Economy of Global Oil
The military standoff in the Persian Gulf, coupled with an uncertain political outcome, is the main source of instability and speculative activity in the global oil market....

The Crisis of Leadership
Can a new leadership emerge out of the turmoil, fear and dissent that past rulers have brought to the region?...

Searching for Stability
As ethnic, religious, and tribal conflicts increase, can the world find lasting solutions for peace?...

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