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Special Reports for " History"

Foreign Policies in the New World Order

At no time since World War II have the foreign policies of the United States and the Soviet Union been so dramatically transformed. THE WORLD & I asked international experts to examine the causes of these dramatic changes and where the world may be headed in the immediate future.

The fast-paced events of the last three years have turned the international system upside down. And while there is much to celebrate, as ...

The U.S.: Managing Global Responsibilities
Responsibility, resources, and international leadership are crucial for the success of the "new world" strategy. ...

Gorbachev's Revolution
Continued foreign policy reforms depend upon the transformation of political institutions and domestic policies. ...

Inside the USSR: Facing Realities
The new democratic Russia hopes to meet the wishes of its people and contribute to a stable and secure world. ...

Steps Toward a Democratic World Order
A crucial test is under way between the forces of democracy and repression. ...

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