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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

What's Wrong with Congress?

What can be done to produce a more responsible and accountable Congress? Is more or less partisanship called for? THE WORLD & I asked political analysts and congressional scholars to analyze these issue and propose some institutional reforms.
Illustration by Yvette Watson/The World & I 

Almost everything, say the American people in poll after poll, citing everything from Congress' backhanded attempts to raise its salaries ...

A Victim of Divided Government
True congressional reform will come when irresponsible divided government is replaced by responsible party government....

Bush 41 and Congress: Partisanship in Foreign Policy
Bipartisanship and interbranch cooperation can help the United States meet the strategic and economic challenges of the post- Cold War era....

A Failure of Leadership
A return to a more partisan debate, in which real differences are clearly laid out and real alternatives offered, would be good for the system....

Is the Public Really Angry?
It is important, in a democracy, that vital issues be deliberated in a public forum by those charged to do so....

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