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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"

The New Russian Revolution

Within less than a week in August, the world's largest empire vanished, to be replaced by--what? THE WORLD & I looks ahead to the prospects for democracy in the new Soviet Union, discusses how the West can best help it economically, and profiles its newest political star, Boris Yeltsin.

August's astounding and historic events in the Soviet Union call for this Special Feature to keep WORLD & I readers abreast of the past, ...

Russian Democracy's Clouded Future
Central government, in the sense that most states understand the term, is now erased in what was once the Union of Soviet Socialist ...

How the West Can Help the New Union
During the ill-fated Soviet putsch in August, Western protagonists of generous aid were quick to argue that the coup would not have ...

Boris Yeltsin: Russia's Abe Lincoln?
The dramatic events of the failed hard-line putsch in the Soviet Union on August 19-21, 1991, brought to the forefront of world attention ...

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