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Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Public Policy "

The Explosive Politics of Aging

Facing continued deficits, national debt, and growing resentment among younger Americans, senior citizens are fighting hard to hold on to and even expand their entitlements. Can serious conflict be avoided?
The World & I 
Ill at ease: The aged vehemently oppose any experimentation with Social Security benefits, their pirmary source of income.

Last November, a decisive majority of senior citizens helped put baby-boomer Bill Clinton in the White House. They backed Clinton because ...

Is a Generational Conflict Coming?
Many younger Americans see the elderly as a burden and not as a valuable resource. ...

Mining for Gold in 'Silver Markets'
Fierce independence, pattern less buying, and resistance to advertising mark the behavior of mature people. ...

What Do Seniors Want?
Protection of Social Security and expanded health benefits are their primary goals. ...

Social Security: Living Longer, Working Less, Saving Less
Serious consideration should be given to increasing the Social Security retirement age and encouraging more personal savings for retirement. ...

The Battle of the Entitlement Reforms
At issue: how to provide health care for everyone without bankrupting the nation. ...

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