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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Religion and the Secular Prejudice

Marcia Klioze-Hughes/The World & I 

The one and the only real and profound theme of the world and of human history--a theme to which all others are subordinate--remains the ...

The Collapse of Communism: Recovering the Transcendent Order
In the late eighteenth century, the radical Jacobin wing of the French Revolution proclaimed humanity's liberation from the bondage of ...

Religion: The Supreme Court's Phobia
Literary scholar Harold Bloom asserts that "no Western nation is as religion-soaked as ours, where nine out of ten of us love God and are ...

Democracy and Religion: On the Existence and Nonexistence of Nations
A nation, he [Marcus Antoninus the Orator] went on to say, does not exist at all, or at the very least finds itself in an extremely poor ...

Shadows and Light: Religion and American Popular Culture
"The outstanding non-event of modern times," writes British historian Paul Johnson, "was the failure of religious belief to disappear." ...

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