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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"

Russia: Is Reform Still Possible?

Economic reform remians elusive throughout the former Soviet Union while Boris Yeltsin sturggles to create a political framework of constiutitonal, representative government.

The good news is that two years after the collapse of Soviet communism, Russia is still a democracy and is still trying to adopt a market ...

The Desire for Democracy
The referendum of April 25 marked a major step forward in Russia's second great attempt to create a democratic constitution. ...

Economy: A Free Market Revolution
With a growing knowledge of Western ways, young Russians are determined to integrate their country into the larger world economy. ...

America's Russian Conundrum
The U.S. government and people must accept that our involvement in Russia requires far more than monetary aid. ...

Reform: The Most Important Struggle
Only a democratic Russia can be a reliable international partner. ...

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