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Special Reports for " Sociology"

Clinton's Cultural Revolution

From gays in the military to condoms in the schools to federal funding for abortions, President Clinton and his administration are clearly committed to radicalizing the social fabric of America.
Peter Holden/The World & I 
"Lead or leave": Polls show that Americans want low tazes, less spending, more police on the streets, and school choice.

The presidential candidate who campaigned as a New Democrat promising to break the gridlock in Washington, D.C., and get the economy ...

Reshaping America
In the Clinton era, government seeks to extend its reach into the realm of human sexuality--and thus redefine human nature. ...

The Cultural Radicals
Given the ideology of the Clintonites who hold high positions in the administration, there is no argument that radical change is their goal. ...

An Uncertain Republican Response
Will the GOP run away from values in trying to build a winning coalition in 1996? ...

Betraying the Wisdom of Our Founders
The more revolutionary associates of the Clintons tend to ignore ordinary prudence in their social prescriptions. ...

Summit Time in Japan
MR. CLINTON GOES TO TOKYO UNITED STATES--It should first be noted that President Clinton had a good summit. And that's a good thing for ...

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