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Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Public Policy "

Can America Survive Clintonomics?

Can Clinton convince the nation that his deficit reducation plan will, in fact, do what he says it will do--spur growth and produce jobs?

After nearly one year, it is fair to pose the question. What is Clintonomics doing to the U.S. economy? When President Clinton took ...

Making Small Business Smaller
As a result of Clinton's tax plan, many small businesses may be forced to close down within five years. ...

Clinton versus America Inc.
The survival of big business will depend more on the growth rate of the world economy than on the impact of the Clinton initiatives. ...

Consequences for the Consumer
Clintonomics jeopardizes long-term job growth and reduces disposable income and freedom of choice. ...

Sacrificing the Future to Fight the Deficit
It is only when the economy is operating near capacity that deficit reduction can be accomplished without negative consequences for employment and growth. ...

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