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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

The New Democracies' Rocky Road

Despite clear setbacks and disappointments, what is really happening in countries behind the former Iron Curtain is the uneven shift from totalitarianism to democracy.

Four years after the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and two years after a putsch by communist hard-liners failed in Moscow, ...

Pushing Ahead, Holding Back
Yeltsin is committed to a goal of a free Russia, while Kravchuk has no grander vision than Ukrainian survival. ...

Reforming Reform
Poland and Romania, now grappling with political and market reforms, are burdened by a persistent communist legacy. ...

The West's Role in Reforming the Soviet Bloc
The United States and its allies must help the process of reform while recognizing that final responsibility rests with the people of the former Soviet bloc. ...

Russia's Tortuous Path to Democracy
UNITED STATES--Boris Yeltsin had no constitutional authority to suspend the powers of Russia's Parliament yesterday and call early ...

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