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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Cuba After Castro

After 35 years of communist rule, how close to freedom are the Cuban people?
John Harrington/The World & I 
Politically isolated and economically weakened, Fidel Castro may not have many more days in power.

Cuba's communist regime is in crisis. The country's annual exports have dropped from $8 billion to less than $2 billion. The economy has ...

Fidel's Long Good-bye
Despite increasing economic distress and political unrest, Cuba's caudillo stubbornly clings to power. Roger Fontaine is a diplomatic ...

The Case for Lifting the Embargo
To continue present U.S. policy would make a peaceful transition less rather than more likely. ...

Hastening Castro's Fall
Washington must not lift the embargo and must refrain from political dialogue with Havana. ...

A Century of Conflict
The U.S. and Cuba have been friends and foes many times for nearly 100 years. ...

Building a Free Cuba
The fundamental prerequisite for significant and lasting change is democratic elections. ...

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