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Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Public Policy "

How Violent Is America?

The threat of becoming a victim of crime has become so great that people are changing the way they live -- and poltiicians are scrambling to come up with solutions.
Ross D. Franklin/The Washington Times 
Prisons make a difference: Studies indicate that the cost of incarceration is significantly less than the cost of the crimes prevented.

Violence seems to rule America. A gunman kills 6 and wounds 17 in a Long Island commuter train. A 12-year-old California girl is abducted ...

How Much Crime Is There?
Violent crime has risen dramatically compared to 30 years ago, particularly in the cities. ...

Solutions: New and Old, Tough and Soft
The president's plan calls for tougher gun control, and Republicans are calling for harsher prison sentences. ...

Punishment and Prevention
Both are needed if crime in America is to be brought under control. ...

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