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Special Reports for "Political Science > U.S. Foreign Policy "

Canada: America's Northern Neighbor

After 200 years of tension and freindship, Canada and the United States still remain united on the important issues.
Michael Williams/UPI Photo Service 
President George W. Bush and Candian Prime Minister Jean Chretien wave during an apprearance at the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit in Setempber 2002. They were visiting a cargo facility to inaugurate a "smart border program."

The relationship between the United States and Canada started on a rocky note. The United States attacked Canada during the Revolutionary ...

A Running Family Feud
Canada and the United States share a common border and similar problems. They have also come to each other's assistance, as exemplified by an unforgettable story from the Iran hostage crisis. ...

The Challenge of Regionalism
Canada has six distinct regions: Atlantic Canada; Quebec; Ontario; the Prairie West; British Columbia; and the Far North. Such divisions are arbitrary and do not reflect the many nuances of these regions. ...

Canada: In Search of a National Security Policy
The price of influence is that we do not leave the U.S. to face the tricky issues alone. I mean the ones which people wish weren't ...

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