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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Where Is Europe Headed?

After a 1990s dominated by "third way" social-democratic governments, wetsern Europe has shifted to the center-right. Meanwhile, several eastern European countries are witnessing a revival of socialist and communist parties. Where are these trends headed?
Courtesy Perry Castenada Collection at the Central Libraries, University of Texas-Austin 

In the wake of the contradictory results of the German and French elections, political observers are asking whether the western half of ...

The Right Becomes a Major Factor
The European Right has attracted voters in western Europe who feel the center-left parties are out of touch and even corrupt. ...

Mixed Signals in Eastern Europe
Tired of the long transformation to democracy, people are looking for alternatives--even leftist alternatives....

A Love-Hate Relationship
While Europeans become more American every day, they spend more time looking for ways to complain about America. ...

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