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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Middle Eastern"

Is Middle East Peace Possible?

For the past two years, the Middle East has been on the verge of an all-out war. Is peace a word that can even be spoken? We put this thorny question to foreign policy analysts from across the political spectrum and asked them how they think the cause of peace in the region can best be advanced.

The obstacles are numerous and serious: the violence of the second Palestinian intifada, Israel's unyielding military offensive against ...

Talking Peace, Waging War
The present hostilities stem from the second Palestinian intifada that erupted in September 2000, sparked by Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount. ...

What Is to Be Done?
Is peace possible in the Middle East? After considering all the conflicting factors, pessimists usually reply, "Not at all in the short ...

President Bush's Peace Plan
A warning for arab regimes ISRAEL--Bush's speech called for building a laboratory model for a new democratic and pluralist Arab regime. ...

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