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Special Reports for " History"

America Today

What makes America unique? Our special feature offers three perspectives: looking at the tension between stability and diversity in American history, the streak of utopian idealism in the American character, and how America appears to the recently liberated people of eastern Europe. Note: For Part I of Anne Wortham's essay, see "America and Immigration," September 2001.

Melting Pot, Part 2: America's Cultural-Institutional Core
The cultural-institutional core of the United States exists in a stable but ever-differentiating society that is politically democratic, capitalist in its economy, libertarian in its laws, and pluralistic in its culture. Its social relations are shaped by the tension between individualistic and altruistic orientations. ...

America in the Eyes of Eastern Europe
While a massive amount of both critical and laudatory literature on America is circulating in western Europe, only a few critical books on America and the American way of life can be found in today's postcommunist eastern Europe. This essay is my attempt to add to that literature. ...

The United States in the 21st Century
The American experiment depends on a number of strands in its character and history: the desire to serve the world; the conviction that the American sense of rights is destined to be accepted by the entire world; adaptability; and the sense of utopian perfectibility. ...

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