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Special Reports for " International Studies"

The Many Faces of America

The flow of immigrants to the United States from Latin America, Asia, and Africa is now much greater than from Europe, so that the U.S. will likely become a nation of minorities during the next century. THE WORLD & I examines the economic, political, and cultural impacts of this trend.
Washington Times 
President Clinton signing an immigration bill: This 1996 legislation sought to put the brakes on foreigners entering the United States.

In 2050, demographers are now predicting, America will be a nation of minority groups, with whites representing just over half the ...

Multiple Melting Pots
America is forming broad regions that differ distinctly in their race-ethnic combinations. ...

The Economic Impact of Immigrants
Recent research and anecdotal evidence indicate that immigrants are having a positive effect on the American economy. ...

Population Mobility: The Politics
Knowing where the immigrant population lives is key to understanding its political influence. ...

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