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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Castro's Cuba At 40

Cuba boasts the highest literacy rate and the lowest infant mortality in Latin America. Yet it is an economic basket case and a political fossil. Who is Castro, and what comes after him?
John Harrington/The World & I 
A decaying Havana reflects the many economic disappointments of Cuba's socialist experiment.

Cuba began the year with a defiant celebration of the 40th anniversary of Fidel Castro's revolution amid loud proclamations of the ...

A Failed Revolution
Visitors to Cuba encounter a country suspended in time--the late 1950s. ...

The Real Fidel
He is a man without scruples and principles but with such extraordinary radar that after 40 years he remains in power. ...

After Castro--What?
When the Castros depart, the Catholic Church could play a major role in the growth of civic politics. ...

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