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Special Reports for " Sociology"

Black And Affluent

There is good news about race in America: almost one-third of black Americans are middle class today, and the number and wealth of black-owned businesses is growing. The challenge is to spread the prosperity and bridge the large gap to the poorest blacks.
David Hill/The World & I 
Ken Chenault, president and COO of American Express: When he attended Bowdoin COllege in the early 1970s, he told fellow Afro-American students he would work to change the system from within.

One of the most remarkable developments in America in the last 25 years has been the emergence of a strong, vibrant black middle ...

The Hopes and Fears of the Black Middle Class
The African-American middle class at the end of the twentieth century distinguishes itself from previous generations by its visibility and influence. ...

The Rise of the Black Middle Class
For the first time, black Americans responded more favorably than whites to the question of whether they were better or worse off financially than the previous year. ...

Appeal to Under-30 Black Americans
Approaching the next century, Abraham Lincoln's party is faced with the unsettling task of finding "colored" faces to fill its ranks. ...

Recognize the Genuine Diversity of Black Americans
American history is full of myths and fables that serve to teach us many important lessons and help unify us as a nation. These stories are rarely true, yet they are often accepted as fact. This practice is usually harmless, as in the case of the well-known story about George Washington cutting down the cherry tree. However, occasionally some myths are simply dangerous and defamatory but are perpetuated because they serve someone's agenda. ...

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