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Special Reports for " General Studies"

Issues in Higher Education

John Tagg contends that universities have become compartmentalized "knowledge factories" where the idea of a common purpose in higher learning has been lost. Several university presidents respond.
Illustration by Emiko Ozaki/The World & I 

The notion of the ivory tower as a special place where one goes to study "the best that is known and thought" has been deeply shattered in ...

Higher Education Reform: The Decline of the Knowledge Factory
The organizing and animating principle in the world of the next century will be neither capital nor labor nor raw materials but knowledge. As management theoretician Peter Drucker observes, "The shift to the knowledge society ... puts the person in the center. In so doing it raises new challenges, new issues, new and quite unprecedented questions about the knowledge society's representative, the educated person." If knowledge is the key to our future, the educated person will embody the hope for the future. ...

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