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Special Reports for " Sociology"

Gun Control: Crime or Crime Stopper?

Is gun ownership a deterrent to crime, or does it simply lead to more violent deaths and injuries?
Illustration by Marcia Klioze Hughes/The World & I 

In the great western movie High Noon Gary Cooper plays the role of a soft-spoken, tough-on-crime marshall who takes the thankless job of ...

Struggling Against 'Common Sense': The Pluses and Minuses of Gun Control
It is not hard to persuade people that your position on an issue is correct when they have no opinion on the issue to begin with. It is considerably harder to change well- established views, and very hard indeed to change what people regard as "common sense." Such is the case with the debate over gun control. Enlightened thinking among the nation's opinion-molding elite holds to the simple view that where weapons are more common, there is bound to be more violence. Conversely, if gun control can reduce the number of weapons, there will be fewer violent deaths. ...

Gun Control Laws Can Reduce Crime
The evidence that crime reduction can be achieved through the proliferation of gun ownership and gun carrying is weak, and the strategy is ...

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