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Special Reports for "Area Studies > Russian/Soviet"

Who Needs NATO?

After successfully containing the threat of Soviet expansion in Europe for forty years, NATO is now an alliance in search of a purpose. Is there any purpose on which its members can agree?
Courtesy Department of Defense 
Rapid force: NATO has created the Allied Command and Europe Rapid Reaction Corps, a multinational force conceived for out-of-area operations such as Bosnia.

For 40 years NATO was the most successful military alliance in the world, containing the strategic threat of the Soviet Union and the ...

A Sometimes Uncertain Trumpet
The key to an effective NATO remains what it's always been--strong U.S. leadership. ...

A New Mission
NATO in its current form is poorly configured to maintain a credible framework of either defense or crisis intervention. ...

NATO Needed More Than Ever
Any discussion of NATO's future should begin with a brief look at the past. NATO is quite simply the most successful and effective international organization in which the United States has ever participated. Its mission was to unite Western Europe and North America to ensure that the apparently unstoppable tide of communism sweeping west from the Soviet Union did not engulf Europe. NATO succeeded beyond even the most optimistic hopes of its founders. ...

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