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Special Reports for "Political Science > Comparative Politics"

Russia In Crisis

Russia's progress from communism to market democracy has seriously stalled, and Boris Yeltsin, master of the bold, defiant gesture, is proving less able at the delicate task of nation building.
T.S. Lam/The World & I 
In need of more investment: Russians are disappointed in the meager support from the West for the difficult conversion to a market economy.

The bloody Chechen war, along with continuing economic stagnation, burgeoning crime, and uneven democratization, has led some analysts to ...

The Illusion of Reform
Russian politics and economics are in danger of degenerating into a zero-sum game. ...

The Empire That Would
The Russian political elites have not overcome the ideology that inspired both pre-1917 and Soviet expansionism. ...

Toward a New Realism
Despite all the setbacks and disappointments, the West must strive to integrate Russia into the world community. ...

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