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Special Reports for " Education"

Where Are We Headed on the Information Superhighway?

The new technologies emerging from the interaction of computers, fiber optics, digital networks, and TV will transform the way we view ourselves and our world.
John Harrington/The World & I 
CD-ROM technology: Computers used for educational purposes.

The telephone, television, computers, and digital networks have each had a dramatic impact on society. Now the merging of all these ...

The Multimedia Magic Carpet
Building on the foundation of the Internet, the next- generation information network will offer ready interactive access to a rich variety of services. ...

Television's Reshaping of the World of Politics
Television has contracted political time and changed the way elected officials communicate with the people. ...

Life by Bits and Bytes
Leisure and entertainment are the fastest-growing parts of the computer world. ...

Building the Infrastructure
Network companies have invested half a trillion dollars in hardware, software, and cable links to create the information superhighway. ...

The Electronic Frontier and Other Cyberspace Myths
What will be the impact of the computer and related digital technologies on our daily lives, our children, our communities, our culture? ...

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