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Special Reports for " Education"

Changing the Face of American Education

Spending per pupil has risen 30 percent since 1983 when A Nation at Risk was published, yet a majority of public schools are still fallling short of the educational goals set back then. If more money is not the answer, what is?
Gianni Raneri/The World & I 
The tools for teaching different subjects range from the simple to the very sophisticated.

In 1983, the federal government published A Nation at Riskdetailing the failure of the public school system to provide many students with ...

Local Control: A Revolution at the Grass Roots
Local control, once the hallmark of American education, must be restored to individual communities and schools. ...

Public Education's Dismal State
Despite escalating spending, school performance and student achievement have not improved....

Inner-City Schools Are Everyone's Problem
What happens in the classrooms of Chicago should matter to the parents in Peoria. ...

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