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Special Reports for " Education"

What Is Literature? Teaching and the Canon

Literature creates worlds, worlds in which the author's characters undertake their journeys in ways that are recognizable to us. Is their journey our journey? The great works of literature seem not to tell us which road to take but what routes there are, what the terrain is like along the way, and what inner and outer obstacles we might encounter.
Illustration by Marcia Klioze Hughes/The World & I 

Great literature deals with great themes, and there is no greater theme than the journey from the mystery of our birth to the mystery of ...

An Elegy for the Canon
Originally the Canon meant the choice of books in our teaching institutions, and despite the recent politics of multiculturalism, the ...

Fallacies of the Postmodern
In the delightful Hollywood screwball comedy Ball of Fire (1941), directed by Howard Hawks and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper, ...

Looking In on Literature
Anyone who teaches the modern novel today is in for it. First there is the problem (the paradox, actually) that the modern novel has lost ...

Teaching the Contemporary Novel
The study of the contemporary novel has the same rationale as the study of astrophysics, biochemical engineering, or the greenhouse ...

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